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Chartered Professional Accounting Firm for Businesses & Individuals in Mississauga and GTA .

We provide integrated tax planning services and professional advice that help you achieve your business and personal financial goals.

Providing corporate accounting, bookkeeping, auditing and reviews of financial statements, as well as, consulting and tax advisory services that not only comply with current laws but also provide our clients with the most beneficial tax treatment to ensure that no unnecessary tax is paid. Our team is proficient in all applicable tax rules and legislation and works closely with our clients to understand the financial and tax implications of their business, individual and family situations to reduce their tax burdens.

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Why Choose Us

ENT Accountants

Smart Tax Strategies

We can handle all your Tax accounting needs including corporate tax filings and employee tax deductions, personal tax filings, HST.

ENT Accountants

We can handle all

Public Accounting. From Book keeping, payroll, preparation of financial statements, audits, reviews and tax returns Whatever you need, We can handle. We have over 30 years of experience

ENT Accountants profits

Flexibility & Accessibility

We offer some of the longest working hours for the convenience of our clients. We try to accommodate their working schedules with hours. Our partners can be contacted, usually 24/7. 

ENT Accountants

24/7 In House Specialist.

We are always in touch, ready to help you manage any financial crisis.

ENT Accountants

Statements on Time

We deliver Financial Statements on Time! Stop paying fines for being late in your statements.

ENT Accountants

Full support in case an Audit

We support all our work in case of an audit. We always stand behind you.

Services & Industries

ENT Accountants

Personal Finance

Personal Tax Returns
GST/HST Housing
Financial Planning
Tax Credits
coins ENT Accountants

Corporate Finance

Corporate Tax Returns
Financial Statements
(Audit, Reviews, Notice to Readers)
Profesional Corporations
ENT Accountants smart

Financial Advisory

Estate Planning
Forecasting &Budgeting

For any type of business. We can do it.

Accommodation and Food Services
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

Educational Services
Finance and Insurance
Health Care and Social Assistance
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing (Residential and Commercial)
Transportation and Warehousing
Wholesale Trade


Improving the present with an eye on the future.



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